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The Housewife’s Ars Poetica

Adina Kopinsky

 after Kelly Grace Thomas

I write a poem with the edges of the mop on the floor / with soap suds in the kitchen sink, I write a poem / in the smudges of the window, in the frost of the car / I write a poem in voice-to-text when I cannot / find a pen / Greek: poema, a thing made / restructured / slashed through with possibility 

I write a poem in my lap as I drive, I write a poem / with the gas nozzle as I fill up my car; I write / a poem in the dirt, in the piles of leaves, in pebbles at the park / repurpose each bit of organic matter / into its own pod of string / weave of tears 

I write a poem on the backs of shopping lists / on my son’s homework, on his health card / in the creases of his bedsheet; I write a poem in wax / in finger paint, in honey on bread / the house is graffitied / with my words, the children sleep on pillows / stuffed with drafts; I write a poem with spaghetti / and feed it to them letter by letter

I carve poesis on the collar / of a goat named Azazel / watch as he is pushed off a cliff / to atone for delirium / I use sand to shape a poem /affix each speck in glue / the grains condensing / into the form of an hourglass

Like a one-woman chorus / of ancient tragedy – tragodia, / or ‘goat song’. I sing, / in Hebrew shir / one word; both poem and voice / timbre, tambourine, the rhythm / of the waves’ libation / the grit of life bespoke for me, I speak / for it / my tuneless voice transcribing the shifting plates / plastic, tectonic 

In my head a hysteria / of hope / from Latin ‘womb’, dysfunction of the uterus / me, ink running out of orifices, appendages / turning to pen beneath the pain / of creation squeezed ex nihilo / into nothing / out of earth into earth / out of heart into heat / of day, out of mother / into child / out of woman into world 

Adina Kopinsky is an emerging poet living in Israel. She has work published or forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Rust + Moth, and SWWIM Every Day, among other publications.