Please read all of this page before submitting!

If you have been published in Crannóg we ask that you do not submit for the subsequent issue.

Crannóg requires First Serial Rights. We accept simultaneous submissions on the condition that we are informed immediately if accepted elsewhere and we thank you in advance for doing this. However, we do not accept third party submissions. Submissions are accepted in good faith that they are the original work of the sender and that the attributed author is holder of copyright.

Crannóg is published in February, June and October of each year. Submissions are open in the month of: Nov for Feb issue. March for June issue. July for October issue. Submissions sent outside these times will not be read.

Send no more than three poems. Each poem should be under 50 lines.
Send one story. Story should be under 2000 words.
*Send file in body of email and as a Word attachment.
*Ensure each poem begins on a new page.
*Include a brief bio in the third person. Bio should conform to the style of bios in past issues of Crannóg.
*Include a postal address for contributor’s copy. We do not accept postal submissions.
Please allow up to 8 weeks after the closing date for acceptance and longer for non-acceptance.
Email  submissions to:

Writers selected to appear in Crannóg will receive:

* A contributor's copy and payment.
* An invitation to attend/read at the launch of Crannóg at The Crane Bar, Galway, Ireland.

* Three contributors will be nominated for the Forward Prize for best single poem.

* Six contributors will be nominated for a Pushcart Prize, (poetry and fiction).

‘deliciously unpredictable, sometimes provocative, always extremely worth reading....’ Goodreads

‘I'm delighted to know that they will be read by all four editors during the consideration process. It's an unexpected pleasure that you don't use slushpile readers’ 
Deborah Davitt Texas

‘I've heard your launches are lovely events.’
M N Manchester

‘The current Crannóg is wonderful and as usual of a very high standard and I am very pleased to be in such good poetic company. Thank you for your generous payment received.’
Honor Duff

‘such an honour to be in Crannóg.’
A C Dublin

‘I feel proud to be part of your great publication.’
M B Liverpool

‘I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the beauty of the design.  It's wonderful to be included in a journal that treats the poems with such respect.’
Buff Whitman-Bradley USA

‘A brilliant production’ Shauna Gilligan via twitter

‘An invaluable outlet for new writing.’
The Irish Times

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