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‘deliciously unpredictable, sometimes provocative, always extremely worth reading....’ Goodreads

I signed up for the Crannog magazine on Wednesday, and it arrived on Thurs....thank you for such efficiency. I am really enjoying the contents, and the layout is lovely too.
Clare Ryan, Cork

‘I'm delighted to know that they will be read by all four editors during the consideration process. It's an unexpected pleasure that you don't use slushpile readers’ 
Deborah Davitt Texas

‘I've heard your launches are lovely events.’
M N Manchester

‘The current Crannóg is wonderful and as usual of a very high standard and I am very pleased to be in such good poetic company. Thank you for your generous payment received.’
Honor Duff

‘such an honour to be in Crannóg.’
A C Dublin

‘I feel proud to be part of your great publication.’
M B Liverpool

‘I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the beauty of the design.  It's wonderful to be included in a journal that treats the poems with such respect.’
Buff Whitman-Bradley USA

‘A brilliant production’
Shauna Gilligan via twitter

‘An invaluable outlet for new writing.’
The Irish Times

‘The new  format is wonderful. The cover feels so good, I pet it like a cat. So many  good poems, too - Crannóg is the complete package of content and presentation.’
Sara Backer USA

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